KB Occupational Health Services

KB Occupational Health Services has worked in partnership with business for over 14 years. Their unique model enables them to work with you to fully understand your business needs and develop practical and effective Occupational Health and Health and Safety solutions.

Their team of specialist Occupational Health Practitioners can provide:

  • Recommendations and advice on sickness absence management including phased return work plans;
  • Fitness for work assessment including pre-placement assessments;
  • Health surveillance programmes;
  • Hand Arm Vibration (HAVS);
  • Hearing tests;
  • Respiratory assessments;
  • Skin assessments to identify sensitisers and irritants;
  • Night worker assessments, in respect of the Working Time Directive;

Click the company logo to find out more or alternatively call 01304 802754 or e-mail admin@kb-ohs.co.uk

KB Occupational Health Services:
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