Don’t let Varicose Veins dampen your Summer

Date: 25/05/2016

If you have recently been experiencing aching, cramping, or even pain in your legs, there is a chance that you may be in need of a treatment.

The earlier the treatment often prevents the symptoms developing and, of course, removes the appearance. In fact, the earlier you receive specialist treatment the better the long-term clinical and cosmetic results.

What are ‘Varicose Veins’ and What Causes Them?

Understanding how conditions such as Varicose Veins occur is important as it can lead to prevention or eliminate the possibility of them resurging in future. Varicose Veins is typically caused by deterioration of tiny valves in our veins as we get older, although there are other causes that be brought about by lifestyle or by neglecting health practices.

To put it simply: On its journey around your body, blood will move down through the veins in your legs, eventually making its way back up to the rest of the body. As your blood is pumped back up, these valves or flaps only open up in one direction, making sure that the upwards blood flow does not drop back down.

In some cases, these microscopically sized valves can begin to underperform if they become weaker, which results in blood leaking back into the veins and collecting there. This in turn results in veins becoming wider as the pressure builds up, which in some severe cases can cause the veins to become twisted and much, much weaker. This condition of the veins is known as Varicose, hence Varicose Veins.

As well as aging-induced deterioration, those who spend most of their day standing or on their feet (teachers, hairdressers, retail workers etc) and people who are overweight are also susceptible.

Symptoms can include painful aches as well as veins becoming visually distorted or especially prominent below the skin.

What Can Be Done?

In some mild cases, the symptoms and inherent issues that follow can be prevented with a simple support stocking, although there must also be some form of secondary treatment to ensure that problems are kept at bay. Some of these treatments can include ‘tying off’ affected veins, or even removing the distorted veins entirely. Obviously, these procedures are very invasive and always have an inherent risk of complications.

Spencer Private Hospitals will access each case individually and may recommend a form of Laser treatment, as not only is this less invasive, and can result in less post-operative pain and inflammation that typically goes hand-in-hand with traditional surgery. There is also a comprehensive aftercare program for those who undergo the procedure.

4 Tips for Relief in Summer

  1. Stay active – Keeping your legs active during the day can relieve pressure in your varicose veins and improve circulation. Low impact exercise like swimming and walking will work your calf muscles.
  2. Stay cool – Increased heat can dilate your veins and cause pain, increased aching and tenderness. Wear loose clothing in breathable cotton whenever possible.
  3. Keep legs elevated – When sitting for long periods, keep your feet elevated using a box/stool. If you are at home you can also lie down and prop your feet up with pillows.
  4. Stay hydrated – Drink plenty of water and other fluids throughout the day. This will cool you down and improve your circulation.

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Don’t let Varicose Veins dampen your Summer

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