Total Knee Replacement - Sue's Story

Date: 05/04/2019

For some, deciding whether to go ahead with a Knee Replacement can be a very anxious and frightening decision.

Sue Arnold, who works full-time as a Head of Boarding/PE teacher, felt no differently. “I was very anxious coming into it because everyone I spoke to and all the searching online confirmed what a difficult and painful procedure it can be.”

Sue has a very active lifestyle. In addition to yoga, she also enjoys all sports, walking her dogs, hiking and skiing. In recent years, she has undergone arthroscopies in both her knees and received meniscus injections aimed at prolonging her active lifestyle.

Despite this, she had continued experiencing pain and her lifestyle was being negatively affected, so she had a consultation with Orthopaedic Surgeon Mr Chan Jeer. Following this consultation, it was decided that due to there being no residual cartilage,  a total knee placement was the best option to get her back to 100% fitness again.

“I had received care with Spencer Hospitals before and have always been very happy with it and I knew Mr Jeer has a fantastic reputation for performing knee surgery, so I put my trust in him.”

She had the total knee replacement performed by Mr Jeer on Monday and the next day was up walking in the hospital without crutches. Adebayo Tijani, Physiotherapy Manager at Spencer Private Hospitals, was by her side the whole time, just in case. Three days later she completed a 1.5km walk along the beach with her dog – complete unassisted.

Sue’s recovery is nothing short of miraculous. Adebayo Tijani remarked “In my 25 years of being a physiotherapist I have never seen anything quite like it. I discharged her after only 2 sessions of physiotherapy when we usually provide up to 6 sessions following a Knee Replacement. She reacted incredibly well to treatment.”

Her quick recovery is not only testament to both Mr Jeer and Mr Tijani’s skills, but also to her own positive mental attitude.

“I still listened to Ade’s good advice and was administering ice every few hours and massaging the area and doing my exercises and stretches. However, I was determined to be back on my feet as soon as possible. I also did all the pre-physio and as much strengthening of my leg muscles before surgery.”

The negative stories she had heard about pain and scarring were not entirely accurate. “Of course, I needed painkillers in limited quantities but these were “over the counter” paracetamol or ibuprofen. I was also overjoyed to note that the scarring on my knee is minimal.”

Her message to others who are reluctant to have knee surgery is simple.

“I came in anxious and was pleasantly surprised. The whole process was simple, and it was a positive experience. I was kept well -informed all the way. During the short two night stay my treatment from the nurses and staff was also fantastic. If you are suffering with pain or your quality of life is restricted, don’t put off having the surgery!

I am delighted with the result. The pain is tolerable, and most importantly, I am up and back to doing the things I love within just a few of days. The more I moved, the better it seemed. I was a bit uncomfortable at night but that has improved now as my knee has healed. I am delighted with the result!”

Total Knee Replacement - Sue's Story

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