Cut Price Surgery – Sound Good?

Cut Price Surgery – Sound Good?

The recent years of austerity have meant that everyone is on the lookout for the best deals and understandably are attracted to the lowest prices. With an ever increasing number of people signing up to website voucher schemes we are at the constant behest of ‘amazing’ offers, but what do you expect to see on these voucher sites; holidays, restaurants, cosmetic surgery???

I’m not sure many of us would say cosmetic surgery. We would be wrong. According to an article on The Huffington Post website (2/8/2013), The Cosmetic Surgery Guide has identified “a worrying trend… in the last 12 months of potential patients turning to cut- price deals” and is concerned firstly about the terms to which you need to use the voucher, and secondly as to whether the procedures are carried out by suitably qualified consultants, doctors or nurses at registered facilities.

The Cosmetic Guide cited a case in Britain where, “the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) recently ruled against an advert which offered a breast augmentation or rhinoplasty for £1,999 instead of £5,000 and forced people to make the purchase by midnight that same day.”

That kind of pressure is unacceptable when it comes to making a decision over a sensitive and in some cases very involved treatment, regardless of the fact that it may be at a registered facility and carried out by a qualified practitioner.

Spencer Private Hospital’s cosmetic surgeons stress the importance of a consultation. All cosmetic surgery patients must be aware of what the procedure involves and of the risks associated before making any decision. That decision cannot be forced, especially not by a timeframe on offers.

The initial consultation is of vital importance for a patient to form a relationship of trust with the consultant. You can’t discount that. You also can’t discount peace of mind.

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