Introducing the all new SPH Website

Date: 01/02/2014

In January we put our new improved website live as just one part of a larger marketing plan in action.

You can visit the website here at its new address –

Bringing our visual appearance up to speed is as important to us as the depth and value supporting it. There is symmetry throughout the business where we are similarly continuing to improve the type, quality and quantity of services we offer.

We have introduced both a news and blog section where we post Spencer Private Hospital news and also comment on industry developments, changes and challenges.

Eager observers will note the website continually develop and enhance over the coming months, from the content to the user experience. A great deal more content will also be added to bolster our services and consultants sections.  Follow us on Twitter or Facebook for updates.

Your input

We are very interested in what you think, good and bad, and would value your opinion in shaping what we plan and launch digitally.  Please email

Introducing the all new SPH Website

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