Cardiomemo Recording

Cardiomemo Recording

What is a Cardiomemo recording?

Cardiomemo is for patients with intermittent abnormal heartbeats, pain or palpitations. The Cardiomemo allows the ECG to be recorded whenever symptoms occur.

The Cardiomemo recording is a method used by cardiologists to monitor your heart's activity. This method is used when a patient has intermittent symptoms that last for a minute or more every few weeks as you can carry the machine around with you without any attached wires.

The cardiomemo device is similar to a 24-hour ECG monitor. It is roughly the same size as a mobile phone and you place it next to your heart whenever you feel symptoms so it can record your hearts activity. The patient keeps the Cardiomemo for a period of one week and 30 second ECG recordings of the cardiac events are sent via the telephone to the clinic for analysis.

All information is interpreted by a cardiologist and immediate reports provided.


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