Breast Lump Investigation

Breast Lump Investigation

Breast Lump Investigation: How to Tell if You Need It

Whether you were checking for lumps, or came across one incidentally, finding what might be a lump in your breast can cause a great deal of distress, even though in about 90% of cases, a breast lump is harmless. But let’s be clear: If you find what you think could be a lump, always get it checked by your GP, or a specialist.

Our specialists at Spencer Private Hospitals understand that this is a sensitive subject, so we have compiled this page as a source of information, with an aim to provide you with full confidence that we will handle your breast lump investigation not only with our medical expertise, but with care and respect.

If you think you may be in need of a breast lump investigation, call and book an appointment with our specialist on 0800 882 4872.

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Arranging an Appointment & Choosing a Consultant

What to Expect from a Breast Lump Investigation Consultation

What to Expect from a Further Consultation (If Required)

What to Expect after your Diagnosis

Our Amenities & Facilities

How to Make an Appointment with us

Arranging an Appointment & Choosing a Consultant

You may have already built a relationship with our staff, and so may feel at ease to have a breast lump check with your specialist. But if this is your first time speaking with us, we will of course ensure that you are provided with a choice of consultant to see, at a time that is convenient with you. To get started, contact us via phone or e-mail today.

What to Expect: Initial Consultation

When you arrive at one of our Spencer Private Hospitals, you’ll be soon seen by one of our clinical team’s nurses, who will accompany you throughout every stage of your visit. You can of course bring your own choice of chaperone, friend or family member. When you meet with our consultant, an examination will take place, and we will ask you about your symptoms, medical history and any other relevant information.

What to Expect: Further Consultation (If Required)

After the examination, it is not uncommon for the consultant to decide that a diagnostic scan (biopsy) is needed. If a scan is needed, a later appointment will be booked with you. Upon arriving for the appointment, the nurse will escort you (and any chaperones) to one of our scan rooms, and be happy to provide you with support and information during this time. During the scan itself, one of our specialists will examine you with our high-tech scanning equipment. Results can sometimes be given to you almost immediately, however in some cases they can take a couple of days to be properly assessed once passed on to your consultant. We will then proceed to diagnosis.

What to Expect: Diagnosis

After your consultant has studied your results, you will be invited back to your local Spencer hospital, wherein your consultant will go over your scan results with you in detail, and provide as much information to you as possible. As before, one of our nurses will accompany you and be happy to offer you support, information and anything else you might need.

Here at Spencer we value taking care of our patients as a number one priority – this includes emotional and informative support – not just clinical. We understand the difficulties you may be facing and will make each stage of your breast lump investigation as easy and comfortable as possible.

Amenities and Facilities

If it is necessary for you to stay with us during any step of your diagnosis or treatment, Spencer’s care extends beyond our doctors’ offices.

Each private room comes with:

  • Its own comfortable bed and extra seating
  • Television
  • Menu choice of food and alternatives provided by staff
  • iPod docking stations
  • En-suite facilities

Getting in Contact / Make Your Appointment

If you’d like to get started with booking an appointment for your breast lump investigation, or if you’d like to ask us a question about the process or finding a lump, you may do so by visiting our Contact Us page. There you’ll find phone numbers, hospital addresses and a contact form.

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