Do I need Dermatology for Moles, Bumps or Spots?


The little spots and bumps that can appear on our skin can cause a certain amount of worry, especially if they are large or protrude from the surface noticeably. However, they do not always require removal.

In most cases a person will develop anywhere between 10 and 50 moles by the time they reach their late teens, but generally they will be benign and harmless. As you grow older, you may find that your moles “lift” off the surface and become more prominent than they were previously, but this is still not a true indication of danger or harm to come. In some cases, moles can be pre-cancerous or cancerous, but it is difficult for most of us to tell the difference from simply looking or making a self-diagnosis from researching information.

Simply put, it is best to schedule a health check with a Dermatology specialist in your late teens, then see one again if you are feeling worried or notice a change in how your moles appear. That said, if you have noticed that one or several moles in particular have changed in appearance, you should contact a health professional as soon as possible as this could be a sign of a cancerous growth.

Moles can be removed by laser, electro-cauterisation, cryotherapy aka “freezing off”, or excision by blade.


Bumps on the skin could be a result of hives from an allergic reaction, or an indication of something worse. If you encounter bumps on the skin, unless you are sure of what is causing them, we would recommend seeing one of our Dermatologists to combat the symptoms and give you an accurate diagnosis.


Generally, spots caused by acne do not present any danger and can be remedied with regular cleaning and over-the-counter treatments, as well as a healthy diet.

However, outside of our teenage years large spots and bumps can develop in the form of cysts, caused by irritation, abrasion and a build-up of dirt. Unfortunately, these are not as easy to remedy, as the pus-producing sac lies deep under the skin, and will keep producing large and painful spots, no matter how many times they are drained. These can hinder our everyday lives, as they tend to appear on our backs and shoulders, neck and inner thighs, making movement difficult or even painful.

Dermatologists can remove the sac entirely, removing the risk of the spots returning. The procedure is relatively simple and very effective, so do consider an appointment with one of our specialists.

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