Removing Benign Skin Lesion

Removing Benign Skin Lesion

Skin lesions are the imperfections in your skin, including moles, warts and cysts and are usually harmless. Sometimes it is recommended that they are removed if they pose a risk or are causing an irritation, but they can also be removed for cosmetic reasons.

Removal is a relatively easy procedure, normally carried out under local anaesthetic. There are a number of techniques that are used, the most common being the removal of the lesion with a scalpel and then stitching the affected area. Other methods include shaving the lesion down to the same level as the rest of the skin, freezing the lesion off with liquid nitrogen gas (cryotherapy) or lastly, if the lesion is a wart, scooping it out of the skin (cutterage).

A small scar may be left behind following the removal, but the procedure is very safe with thousands being carried out every year and there should be no long term after effects.

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