Are there any risks?

Are there any risks?

This test is very safe, but there are some risks associated with this procedure.

These include:

  • Damage to crowned teeth or dental bridgework.
  • A reaction to the sedative. The sedative can affect your breathing making it slow and shallow.
  • Fever (raised temperature).
  • There is a slightly increased risk of developing a chest infection after this procedure.
  • A feeling of bloating due to to the air we need to insert so we can clearly see where we are.
  • A small amount of bleeding may occur following a biopsy.
  • Perforation, which is a little tear in the wall of the gullet, stomach or colon, this is also rare. (Risk approximately one for every 1000 examinations). This would require a short stay in hospital and treatment with antibiotics, or very occasionally may require surgical repair;
  • Please talk to your endoscopist before your examination if you have any worries about the risks
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