When should you see a Gastroenterologist?

It is important to see a Gastroenterologist if your general practitioner (GP) recommends you do and if your symptoms are persistent or you suffer with repeated episodes. Your GP may recommend you see a gastroenterologist if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms of GI disorders:

  •          Rectal bleeding
  •          Leakage/underwear stains
  •          Bowel movement urges that are hard to control
  •          Diarrhoea
  •          Change in bowel habits
  •          Pale-coloured stools
  •          Dark Urine
  •          Heartburn (acid reflux)
  •          Abdominal pain or bloating
  •          Excessive gas or belching
  •          Oesophageal pain
  •          Vomiting
  •          Loss of appetite or weight
  •          Lethargy 
  •          Chest pain (not related to heart condition)
  •          Cough
  •          Nasty taste in mouth

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