Colporrhaphy (Anterior/Posterior Repair)

Colporrhaphy (also known as 'vaginal wall repair' or 'prolapse repair') is the surgical repair of the vaginal walls, and is the procedure used when prolapse of internal organs occurs - this can be frontal (anterior) or rear (posterior).


Women who have a particularly traumatic childbirth, perhaps involving an episiotomy, can have long-lasting damage to the perineum (area between the vagina and the anus). With a bad tear or poor stitching, the area can be quite disfigured when healed, causing deep-rooted embarrassment especially with a partner. The shape of the perineal area may also cause discomfort during intercourse.



Posterior repair is performed in conjunction with perineorrhaphy to correct a rectocele and to reconstruct the perineal body. A rectocele is a hernia that develops when the perirectal fascia is insufficient to support the anterior rectal wall and the rectum prolapses through the levator sling. The strength of the posterior vaginal mucosa is insufficient to prevent prolapse of the anterior rectal wall.

The purpose of posterior repair is to plicate the perirectal fascia over the anterior rectal wall and provide a two-layer closure of this hernia.

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