What are we looking for during a health screening?

Health screening assessments focus on a wide variety of different aspects of health, and to some extent what we are looking for will depend on the individual’s age and previous health history. The tests are there in part to flag up any existing issues. However, just as importantly we are also looking for early warning signs of potential health risks developing in the future so that we can assist you in taking any steps necessary to prevent them.

We focus on your statistics to make sure that everything is normal and healthy. We will be looking to ensure that all tests we take are within the normal ranges. We will check your weight and BMI to ensure that you are not at risk of any health conditions associated with being under or overweight. We will check your blood pressure and glucose levels to ensure that there are no signs of heart disease or diabetes.

We will ask about your lifestyle and try to identify whether there is anything you can change or adapt to improve your health. Health screening is about identifying risk areas, so we will look at your diet and check to see whether it is healthy. We will ask whether you smoke and how much, whether you used to smoke, or whether you have never smoked. We will ask about your exercise habits to find out if you take care of yourself by exercising regularly.

Your health screening will be tailored to your personal requirements and can focus on one or more key issues depending on what you feel is important or any concerns you may have. If you wish to discuss issues relating to male or female health in particular, or want to focus on your fitness, we can take this into consideration and adapt our screening to reflect your requirements.

We will help to raise your awareness of age and gender related cancers and illnesses and help you to learn common symptoms of issues that may affect you, so you are well-informed. Depending on your age, gender and family history, you may be in a higher risk category for some cancers or conditions. For this reason, it is helpful to bring a record of your family history to the screening to assist your health care professional. This part of the assessment will be tailored to the individual.

We will look at your test results and lifestyle history together to get a picture of your overall health and use this to identify any areas we think could pose a risk to your health in the future. Once we have talked you through our findings, we will provide you with a report so that you can keep a record of your results and use it for reference in the future.

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