Why is private health screening important?

Private health screening is a useful tool for keeping track of your health. Because the screening is comprehensive and takes an overall picture of your fitness, it can flag up areas of concern before they develop into potential health conditions. As you are not waiting for symptoms to appear before you seek advice, it can identify potential issues at the earliest stages, so any issues can be dealt with as quickly as possible and before they can affect your quality of life.

The time spent with a health care professional is extremely valuable. It allows you to ask questions that may have been on your mind for a long time, but that you have not felt you could raise at a doctor’s appointment due to time constraints or other worries.

Private health screening is also valuable because it shows a holistic picture of your health. Whilst you may visit the doctor for an isolated reason and only have one test performed, the health check provides an overall picture with many tests done at one time, meaning that areas for concern can more easily be detected.

If you are worried about your diet or lifestyle habits, a health screening provides the perfect opportunity to talk through your concerns and get help to change your behaviour. This advice can be tailored to your screening test results. For example, if you find out that you have high cholesterol, the health professional can talk about ways in which you can reduce this through lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise. Even the healthiest among us do not have access to regular statistics of their blood pressure, cholesterol or glucose levels. It makes sense to check these on a regular basis, rather than waiting until we don’t feel well to investigate.

Health screenings of this kind often throw light on habits which, although seem innocent, have the potential to develop into something more problematic. For example, repetitive strain injury is something that develops slowly over time, and simple adjustments in the workplace or the home can prevent RSI from becoming a problem requiring treatment. Prevention is better than cure, and private health screening allows you to prevent any possible issues from developing into anything more serious.

It is important to be aware of your health and have a ‘check-up’ on a regular basis, just as you would have at the dentist or opticians.

Finally, health screenings can assist your mental health by simply allaying any fears you may have about your physical health. Seeing a health care professional can provide reassurance that you are well and looking after yourself and guidance if you need it to make changes for the better. They can also help you to look to your future and help you to make positive changes by providing practical advice to assist in minimising future health risks. Raising awareness of risk is vital in understanding our own bodies and how to look for signs of illness can allow cancer and other dangerous conditions to be caught early on.

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