National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence Guidelines

National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence Guidelines

Shockwave Therapy (SWT) has been successfully employed for many years for the management of various chronic musculoskeletal disorders.  NICE recognised that the procedure is an efficacious, safe and promising treatment and have potential for a high clinical impact and therefore recommended that the results of the procedure are monitored and clinicians undertaking the procedure make arrangements for audit.

Your physiotherapist or consultant will discuss the effectiveness of the treatment with you and The Spencer Private Hospital will audit the results of your treatment. NICE guidelines for EWST across several domains can be found under

What are the Contra-Indications or Precautions to be aware of?

  • Tumour or Malignant Disease
  • Pregnancy
  • Disorder of Coagulation
  • Cardiac Pacemaker (as Shockwave may interfere)
  • Cortisone Therapy up to 6 weeks prior to first treatment. (Treatment will not be effective)
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