Diagnosis & Investigation

Careful clinical examination of the leg veins is necessary before treatment starts. An ultrasound scan is used to assess the veins which cannot be seen through the skin. This painless investigation allows accurate diagnosis and mapping of your leg veins so that a bespoke treatment of your veins can be offered and provided.  Most patients seen by Mr Tsavellas therefore undergo a Sonosite Doppler ultrasound scan of the leg veins at the time of their initial consultation. Colour duplex ultrasound imaging provides a moving picture of the blood vessels in the leg.  A blood flow 'map' is added which shows the direction of blood flow in veins.

Knowing where the problem has arisen enables accurate treatment to be planned thus reducing the risk of recurrence.  Long term recurrence rates are thus reduced to less than 5% in comparison to a recurrence rate throughout the UK estimated to be as high as 30%.

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