Private Surgeries and Treatments in East Kent

Spencer Private Hospitals, in Ashford and Margate, offer well over 200 private treatments and surgeries and have built and sustained a reputation for delivering high quality private healthcare services in East Kent. Whether general surgeries, cosmetic surgery, non-surgical cosmetic treatments and physiotherapy we are building a service to deliver all your healthcare needs and at a service level you demand.

  • I wanted to thank all of you at Spencer Private Hospitals for the wonderful care I received during my few days stay here. The nursing staff could not have been more helpful or cheerful and I felt completely confident in their care. The physio staff were kind and without them, I would not have achieved a 110 degree bend. I now have the ability to perform household chores and care for myself without assistance. The chefs were thoughtful and helpful. The food was delicious with plenty of choice and well balanced ingredients. Thank you all so much!

    Margaret Russell

  • 1 year post Trauma I have managed a 4 mile run, courtesy of the Master craftsman that is Mr Chan Jeer! I'm already up to 100km on a bike.

    Marco Misticoni

  • I was a day case at Spencer Private Hospitals and I had the best care possible! I was very nervous coming in but the nurses were fab and they made sure I was comfortable during my stay. I will definitely recommend to my friends and family about Spencer Private Hospitals if they need care in the future.

    Sarah Phillips

  • I would like to say how appreciative I am for everyone who has looked after me over the past couple of whirlwind days - the nurses (both day and night shift), the consultants (all 5 of you), surgeons, juniors, SHO's, Kitchen staff all at the Spencer Private Hospital at the QEQM. Just everyone I have come into contact with, it would have been a hundred times worse without each one of you. The Spencer Private Hospital staff just made it that much more easy to relax and take my mind off everything. I cannot fault a single thing about the Spencer Private Hospital, and will be forever grateful to them for helping me through a stressful and upsetting time. Best place to stay - the best staff and the best facilities available!!

    Laura Shervington

  • I am very grateful to my consultant and surgeon Mr Poddar for his skill and kindness and professionalism and also to the delightful Rini Poddar who led the anaesthetics team. I felt very fortunate to have them both treating me. The nursing staff were just wonderful. From fetching extra pillows and hot drinks, to attending to me when I was feeling unwell, Helen always seemed to be right there whenever I needed her, exuding calm and good humour. I cannot express how much she helped me at what has been a really difficult time. I regret, in fact, that I cannot recall the names of every member of staff I came into contact with at Margate’s Spencer Hospital, but all, without exception, treated me with the utmost kindness and courtesy and made what could have been a traumatic experience, into a positive one. Even the toast and Marmite was good! I would like to thank all concerned, very much indeed. And yes, I would recommend the Spencer to anyone.


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