Bunions Removal and Treatment

There are a number of methods used to treat the symptoms of bunions. These treatments include the use of aids that relieve pressure on the bunion, such as pads and toe spacers. Orthotics, shaped to individual needs, can also be used to realign the foot and provide relief.

However, the only cure or permanent solution for bunions is to have them surgically removed. This can be performed at any point, but it is recommended in many cases that surgery is performed sooner rather than later, as if left untreated bunions can become more severe and consequentially more painful. The surgery aims to improve the alignment of the big toe. It will often improve the cosmetic appearance of the foot, but primarily the surgery is performed to relieve pain caused by the bunion. The surgery can be administered under either local or general anaesthetic. There are differing surgical procedures when it comes to treating bunions, and which type is most suitable will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

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