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Our Paediatric Nursing Team

Children's Nurses, often known as Paediatric Nurses, are dedicated healthcare professionals who specialise in caring for infants, children, and adolescents. They play a crucial role in providing specialised medical care and emotional support to young patients and their families. Our compassionate Paediatric Nurses possess not only the clinical skills needed to address a wide range of paediatric health issues but also a deep understanding of the unique emotional and developmental needs of children.

Our dedicated Paediatric Nursing Team create a comforting and child-friendly environment to help your child feel more at ease during their healthcare experiences with Spencer Private Hospitals. Their commitment to promoting the well-being of your child makes them invaluable members of the healthcare team, ensuring that all children receive the best care possible.

Meet The Team

Our Children's Lead is supported by qualified Paediatric Nurses and Health Care Assistants. Our Paediatric Nurses all have extensive experience of working with children within the NHS Trust, both on the children's wards and in the children's day surgery units. Our Health Care Assistants complement the nurses' clinical expertise, with skills from mainstream nursery settings and special educational needs. Together, they will look after both your child and you, when you attend our hospital as an out-patient or admitted for surgery.

Interim Children's Lead

Our Interim Children's Lead has worked with us since 2019 and is a Registered Sick Children's Nurse and Registered General Nurse; qualified to care for children as well as adults.

Having trained and staffed at Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital, London for over 12 years, she has since worked in both a mainstream and residential school settings, supporting children and young people with hearing impairment, communication difficulties and challenging behaviour. A proficient user of British Sign Language (Level 3 qualified) she is well versed in the challenges faced by children and families within the Deaf community.

Her hospital nursing experience ranges from caring for children undergoing day surgery within the NHS Trust hospitals to specialising in paediatric tracheostomy care in a tertiary referral hospital. Awarded a bursary to travel to The Sick Children's Hospital, Toronto, she worked with medical and nursing staff there, for a month, evaluating the care of children undergoing tracheostomy and other ENT procedures. Their work was subsequently published in a respected international ENT journal. In stark contrast to her Canadian experience, she has also twice visited and worked in a small hospital in Guntur, AP, India. Working in a densely populated, low-income area, she has witnessed the careful use of limited resources and helped families access medical attention for their ill children with charitable support.

She has completed a 20-week course to become a Peer Breast-feeding Supporter and has a wealth of knowledge and practice, supporting mums and babies struggling with feeding. She has previously had great success building mothers' confidence and skills in their own homes and now works closely with our mums and babies following division of tongue-tie in clinic.

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