The term ‘urology’ is the medical study of the reproductive and urinary systems within the body and covers a broad number of subjects and ailments that can affect these systems. Treatment covers common problems like urinary infections, incontinence, foreskin issues and scrotal lumps, among others that may not be so common.

New advances in medical science mean that urological treatments are changing all the time, so for advice on a problem that may require the attention of one of our Urology Specialists, get in touch and speak to us today.

At Spencer Private Hospital patients can be seen for a broad range of urological concerns. Our Consultant Urologists will see you for assessment and diagnosis within the comfortable environment of our private hospital.

Patients can be seen for a broad range of concerns, and treatment is available for many issues, including:

It's simple to pay for our urological treatments, as we work with all the major insurers.

If you do not have medical insurance or are not covered by your current policy we are also able to provide your treatment as a self funding patient.

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This is a very common question and we’d recommend seeing one of our specialists – if only for peace of mind. However, many put off seeing a doctor for various reasons, the most common of which being that they consider their urological issue a nuisance or annoyance, rather than a pressing problem that could develop into something nasty. As with most medical issues, treatment is most effective in the early stages, before the problems are exacerbated into a much more serious health issue. This is the reason we recommend receiving a check-up. At best, you’re being careful and getting reassurance that everything is fine. At worst, we’ve caught a nasty medical problem in its earliest stages.

There are many reasons why one might need to speak to one of our Urology Specialists, however, if you are wondering about whether to get in touch, here are some of the more common tell-tale signs you might encounter at home.

Blood in Urine

This is one of the most obvious signs of urological problems, and one which requires immediate attention. Blood in the urine is medically referred to as “Hematuria” and can indicate an early warning sign of kidney or bladder cancer. Even if you are not experiencing pain or discomfort in your torso or genitals, any blood in your urine can not be ignored, and waiting for it to simply “go away” is not a good idea!

Male Infertility

Infertility is not just brought about as a side effect of ageing, but also has ties to testicular cancer. What is particularly deceptive about this sign, is that many men expect that any related problems will be picked up by their GP or fertility specialist, when this is very often not the case.

Repeating Groin Pain or Unusual Testicular Mass

Surprisingly, many will consider these symptoms as due to “sleeping funny”. Men are notoriously averse to going to the doctor, even when pain persists in such delicate locations. If these symptoms are indeed linked to developing testicular cancer, the good news is that these symptoms are a very early sign, and testicular cancer is one of the most treatable forms of cancer if caught early. In other words, these symptoms are the best early warning you’ll receive when it comes to cancer, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Urology Specialists just to make sure you’re in the clear.

Do bear in mind that these are just some of the most obvious symptoms. For a complete comprehensive examination or treatment, make sure to contact us to arrange a booking.

Whether you’ve recognised some of the easier-to-spot symptoms, or if you’ve been recommended by another doctor, visiting a Urologist can (quite understandably) be a bit of a daunting prospect. The best thing you can do to alleviate any worries or questions is to learn and communicate. Our staff are always on hand to offer information if you’d like to get in touch. Alternatively, if you’d like to learn a little bit more about what to expect, read on (if you’re in the dark about the subject of Urology itself, click here).

The important thing to keep in mind that our Urology Specialists will not act before first gaining a detailed medical history from you and committing to a thorough physical examination. This latter point can involve typically physical checks, as well as pelvic examinations for women (depending on the symptom) and a digital rectal examination for men to assess the condition of the prostate. Our specialists are highly experienced and ensure to make comfort and ease one of their top priorities when making these checks, as they are understandably quite distressing prospects. As with all treatments, we consider the mental wellbeing in our patients, as well as physical.

After the completion of the examination and assessments of the results, our specialists will go over a treatment schedule specific to your own condition. Bear in mind that at this point you may still be in the examination stage, and part of the treatment will involve ongoing checks to see what treatment is most effective. In most cases, these additional checks can begin on the same day or during the current visit, although you may have to revisit us at a later date depending on scheduling and the kind of check that needs to be performed.

Some of these extra checks may include an imaging study of the kidneys and bladder, or a cystoscopy, which involves the careful insertion of an instrument into the urethra. Once again, we take the comfort of our patients extremely seriously and all of these checks are performed with the utmost care and delicacy.

For more questions or queries, please contact our staff. We are happy to speak with you on the subject.


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