What happens during a health screening assessment?

Health screening is an important and effective way for both you and your employer to help you keep track of your personal health. Your employer may offer a yearly health screening assessment to check your general fitness using a variety of tests and observations. This is a great way to gain awareness and understanding of your own health and ensure that you are living a healthy lifestyle. The assessment can help you to identify any future health risks and steps you can take to minimise these risks. It can flag areas of concern that you may not have otherwise been mindful of and provide an opportunity for further tests to be taken if they are deemed necessary.

Assessments of this kind are usually carried out by a doctor or other health care professional at a private hospital, who will begin by filling out your basic details, such as your height, weight and BMI. They will then discuss your lifestyle choices with you, such as your daily activity levels, whether or not you smoke, your dietary and exercise habits and, depending on your requirements, your fertility health. They may then go on to check vital statistics, such as your blood pressure, cholesterol levels and blood sugar and a urine test to ensure everything is normal.

Health screening assessments do not only check your statistics. They also provide a valuable opportunity to talk to a health care professional in detail about any issues you may have, such as existing conditions, general questions or concerns that you may not feel a ten-minute doctor’s appointment would have time to cover.

During these assessments, you will have time to ask questions and in most cases discuss the results of your tests at the time. This is very useful as often waiting for test results can be frustrating and lengthy. If you do not understand anything about the results, you can ask questions directly and you will also be provided with the results of these tests to take away with you so you have a record of your assessment.

The exact programme of the assessment will depend on the package agreed by you or your employer. You may be able to negotiate with your employer as to exactly what they can offer you.

Once the assessment is complete, the hospital will provide you with a report that you can keep as a record of your visit. This information is valuable, as it means that you will have something to compare any later assessments with.  


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