Know Your Cosmetic Surgeon

Date: 15/04/2013

A recent feature by Sky News referred to an issue of “seagull surgeons”, surgeons who fly to Britain, carry out operations and leave – often without the necessary insurance.

To reassure patients it is imperative to point out Spencer Private Hospitals Cosmetic Surgeons in Kent are all UK based, their credentials are available to view and the operations are carried out within Spencer Private Hospitals, themselves both based on NHS sites in Ashford (William Harvey Hospital) and Margate (QEQM).

As a Hospital operating successfully, and with the highest record of care and treatment for private patients, we are keen to see changes to regulation so that all hospitals and surgeons are only able to offer surgeries, treatment and care which is of the highest order.

In the News

Recently a Sky News feature focussed on botched operations where they could not track down the culpable surgeon and the NHS had to pick up the pieces. Rajiv Grover, president of BAAPS, the professional body for cosmetic surgeons, said the government must regulate the “fly-in, fly-out” surgeons and insist they have proper indemnity insurance.

“They may be working here for a short time and perhaps it’s not cost effective for them to do so,” he said.

“But for the protection of the patient it is imperative they have insurance of a level that allows them to work here and explicitly states they can work in the United Kingdom.”

The Department of Health spokesperson said: “The NHS Medical Director Sir Bruce Keogh is currently carrying out a review into regulation of cosmetic surgery.

“The review will be published in March. Its recommendations will be evidence-based, with the safety of the patient at the forefront.”

The background of your cosmetic surgeon is of huge importance, they should be there for the aftercare of a patient as this can be the most painful and upsetting time. Their reassurance and ability to react to potential complications is the security patients need.

Know Your Cosmetic Surgeon

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