Free Ladies Open Evening - Ashford

Join us for a free open evening at our Outpatient Suite in William Harvey Hospital, Ashford - Thursday 21st June - 6pm - 9pm.You can drop in and out at your leisure and there will be leading consultants available: Miss Anastasia Goumenou, Dr Juber... Continue Reading

International Eating Disorders Awareness Week

For International Eating Disorders Awareness Week, our resident Chartered Clinical Psychologist Georgette Smith has kindly written and shared some information about eating disorders: Eating is universal across the animal kingdom, including humans.... Continue Reading

Time to Talk Day

Thursday 01st February is Time to Talk Day - a day when everyone is encouraged to have a conversation about mental health.  At Spencer Private Hospitals, we know that it benefits us all to talk about mental health. Time to talk is run by Time To... Continue Reading

2nd Anniversary of Outpatient Suite in Ashford

We are celebrating the second anniversary of our successful Outpatient Consulting Suite in Ashford. First opened in 2016 the facility in Ashford has five Consulting Rooms, a treatment room and audiology services. They are also able to offer... Continue Reading

Allergy UK - 2018 Hero Award Nomination

We are very proud to have been nominated for an 2018 Hero Award delivered by Allergy UK. "Allergy UK, the leading national patient charity for people living with allergy, is recognising family, friends, colleagues, children and Healthcare... Continue Reading

Breast Lump Investigation: How to Tell if You Need It

Whether you were checking for lumps, or came across one incidentally, finding what might be a lump in your breast can cause a great deal of distress, even though in about 90% of cases, a breast lump is harmless. But let’s be clear: If you find what... Continue Reading

Give Yourself Peace of Mind For The Year Ahead

The 1st of January is a great day to wipe the slate clean, drop the bad habits and indulgences of the past year and make positive changes to our lifestyles. This usually includes cutting down on alcohol, swapping the chocolates for fruit, and... Continue Reading

Keeping Your Heart Healthy - With Dr James Rosengarten

It can be difficult to navigate through all the information in the media, but here are some simple pointers to encourage you in the right direction towards a healthy heart. Healthy Eating A healthy diet can help reduce your risk of developing... Continue Reading

AF Awareness Week

What does AF mean? AF stands for Atrial fibrillation and early detection of it is vital. AF causes 12,000 debilitating and fatal strokes in the UK each year. To put that into perspective: somebody suffers an AF-related stroke every 15 seconds. 1 in... Continue Reading

Microdermabrasion: When the Usual Post-Summer Treatments Aren’t Enough

Sun, Sea and Sand!   A holidaymaking summer-lover’s favourite three words… Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for your skin. It’s not really a fan of all that, it must be said.   Summer brings about some of the harshest punishment your skin... Continue Reading

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