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Congratulations to Piroska at Team Sese for achieving national recognition at the LUXlife Health, Beauty and Wellness Awards.

Piroska at Team Sese has won Best Regenerative Aesthetics Clinic 2024 - Kent

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Sese is the Latin for self. Yourself, himself, herself, ourselves. Whichever self you are you deserve the best self-care.

The focus is on treating patients holistically, improving their sense of wellbeing and self-confidence with good aesthetic treatments.

At Clinic Sese it is all about how the treatments make you feel.

Treatments that create natural looking rejuvenated results using the highest quality cutting edge products and techniques. From skin resurfacing peels, skin boosters, supplements, anti-wrinkle injections and dermal filler, to stem cell regeneration, weight-loss, hormones, vaginal rejuvenation, and thread lifts.

Clinic Sese is constantly introducing innovative new treatments and is delighted to be the first to offer Polynucleotides in this area of the country.

At Sese every treatment is designed specifically for each individual patient. There is no one size fits all. I offer bespoke treatments for each person based on their unique requirements. Whether it is a treatment package, a long-term plan or a standalone single treatment, it is created for them, to give them a fantastic sense of wellbeing.

Sese have created a great training opportunity for those looking to step into the foundations of aesthetics.

Please see this guide from Sese on next steps - Training Guide On Next Steps.


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Piroska Cavell Bsc,PgDip,gcert,PgDip,AET.

Medical Director of 'Clinic Sese’.

A former midwife I retrained in 2015 and opened my clinic in 2020. I am qualified in, and have a specialist interest in weight management and women’s’ health. My services include menopause clinics and I have my own medical weight loss program-‘Sese Slim’.

I am an advanced aesthetics practitioner, educator, mentor and trainer in Harley Street in London.

I am a key opinion leader for Re-Life Company the aesthetic arm of Menarini Pharmaceuticals, a speaker for aesthetic events and conferences and a published author and media commentator.

As a midwife I have had to be able to develop very intimate relationships with patients I have never met before in a few minutes at one of the most terrifying, exciting, intense moments  of their lives. I have on average 5 minutes to gain their absolute trust. This has given me a great skill in facilitating patients to ‘open up’ and discuss openly their innermost thoughts and feelings. I developed my passion for women’s’ health whilst a midwife. Our role as a midwife is defined as ‘Women’s’ Advocate’.

I honed this skill further as I moved into aesthetics in 2015 and became an obesity and weight management specialist in 2018. I opened my clinic: Clinic Sese in 2020 and specialise in combining aesthetics with wellbeing for me it is totally intertwined, and this is the bedrock of my practice.

I approach all of my patients with the sole purpose of helping them feel better about themselves.

I am constantly researching and learning as I believe all of us should do. I am currently completing my Msc in Cosmetic Medicine.

Prior to midwifery my background was as a makeup artist and a hairdresser and beautician which puts me in the unique position of being able to combine science and art.

I had a makeover studio  in London, and as well as work with many magazines and in fashion I did a lot of work with the trans community and became skilled at feminising and masculinising features.

I am a divorced mum, to two grown up daughters and a grandmother to 5 fabulous grandchildren,3 granddaughters and two grandsons, and I am very big on family!

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