2000 People Die Each Week In The UK Through Sudden Heart Attacks

Date: 01/07/2013

This is a startling figure, and an alarming one reported recently by MediCare International, and certainly raises the question of self-awareness in assessing personal health. It strongly supports the need for health screening and health management to mitigate the potential effects that a sudden heart attack will have on families.

In addition to the above report The Daily Telegraph on the 5th March had an interesting article based on a report, published in The Lancet which also supports the notion of health screening.

Britain “persistently and significantly” lags behind European countries in tackling premature deaths from heart disease and breast cancer and are significantly higher in Britain than in similarly developed countries.

On a micro level Britain’s health does vary across the UK with the South East actually comparing favourably with the high ranking countries on the list, having “exceptionally good health”. The North West amongst others though would not compare as favorably and would be listed at the bottom.

Interestingly Britain’s life expectancy had increased by 4.2 years to 79.9 between 1990 and 2010.

If you are concerned that your lifestyle is one that puts you at risk then it is worth making an appointment for Health Screening at one of Spencer Private Hospitals in Kent.

2000 People Die Each Week In The UK Through Sudden Heart Attacks

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