Are You Suitable For Cosmetic Surgery?

Date: 08/07/2013

The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons is deeply concerned about the number of patients either undergoing cosmetic surgery or agreeing to have surgeries (who are later refused prior to operation) who should have been deemed as unsuitable from the outset. Reasons such as age and health condition of the patients are cited and in some cases ignored.

Risks were not properly explained and incorrect surgical advice was also given, it adds.

The tighter rules that are being called for would avoid brokers arranging patients for surgeons and making it compulsory for all consultations to be carried out by the surgeon.

BAAPS’ president Rajiv Grover said: ‘It is little wonder that we constantly hear horror stories of bad outcomes and dissatisfied patients when many of them shouldn’t have undergone the procedure in the first place.

‘Under the wrong conditions – particularly in a sales-driven, “stack-em-high” environment – the results can be no less than catastrophic.’

Rajiv Grover, President of BAAPS has also said that cosmetic surgery should be treated as a medical procedure not a commodity.

An interim report on the industry into the regulation of cosmetic surgery has called for tighter restrictions on advertising and greater enforcement of existing legislation.

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Are You Suitable For Cosmetic Surgery?

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