Real Men Don’t Go To Hospital

Date: 22/07/2013

According to a recent report one in six young men miss hospital appointments – significantly more than women the same age (1in 11).

The data from the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) shows male hospital outpatients aged 20-29 failed to attend one in six (15.8%) appointments in the year to October 2012. A similar pattern is evident for the 30-39 age group and overall, across all age groups, men are more likely to be marked as “Did Not Attend” (DNA).

Across the UK the East of England Strategic Health Authority had the smallest rate of DNA at 5.8%.

HSCIC chief executive Tim Straughan said: “While missed outpatient appointments are evident across every age group, it appears men in their 20s are the chart-toppers for not turning up to these.

“Our figures show however that the general percentage of outpatient appointments missed across the country has decreased slightly. Managing DNAs is one way the NHS can increase productivity.”

Aside from the statistics benefiting the NHS the statistics would also ring alarm bells to employers, considering a large part of the nation’s workforce would be within the above stated age groups. The effect that young to middle aged people (men in particular) not attending appointments has on businesses is unknown but it does emphasise the need for businesses to consider health reviews for their employees.

Real Men Don’t Go To Hospital

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