Surgical Holidays – Not Always Fun In The Sun

Date: 29/07/2013

The fairly recent phenomenon of ‘surgical holidays’ made its way into the news on Saturday (20/7/2013) as the Daily Mail told of a woman’s trip to a European surgery for two procedures.

On Sunday (21/7/2013) the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons ( published a press release (possibly in response) regarding a recent study by Leeds University into cosmetic surgery holidays.

The Leeds University surgical holiday report revealed a 16.5% complication rate with nearly 1 in 10 (9%) of patients requiring assistance from the NHS on return to the UK.

In turn BAAPs released the results of an in-house survey asserting that these problems “have been- and continue to be – on a steady increase”. BAAPs go on to reveal their statistic that, following surgery abroad, the number of patients seeking help for problems following cosmetic surgery has increased by 25%-35%.

With this degree of concern being presented by BAAPs the government’s recommendations (“for aggressive marketing in the sector to be toned down”) appear to be having little impact. You can still easily access this marketplace and the appeal is very strong – particularly to the target market.

According to the BAAPs survey between 25%-45% of patients affected were under 30 – a highly influential age-group.

BAAPs also indicate that “the top reasons for the complications cited were lack of aftercare and procedures being outdated or poorly performed”.

Consultant plastic surgeon and BAAPS President Rajiv Grover says;

“Despite the recent study from Leeds University claiming that most patients who elect to travel abroad for cut-price surgery are ‘happy’ with the results, the complication rates do not correlate with the frequency or severity of issues reputable surgeons record here in the UK. At best, patients are forced to assume the cost of additional treatment after returning home from ‘makeover holidays’ as there is usually no aftercare provided – and at worst it is the British taxpayer via the NHS who assumes the cost of righting any wrongs as serious complications can develop weeks, or even months after the procedure.”

An earlier article of ours warned of ’fly-in surgeons’ and the same cautious note can be extended to the subject of surgical holidays. Cosmetic procedures shouldn’t be taken lightly and needs to be treated by the patient in the same way as any medical procedure. As a patient you need to know all the risks, you need to know how the procedure will be carried out and by whom, and you need to be assured that you will receive the best aftercare possible.

All Spencer Private Hospital’s cosmetic procedures are carried out by the consultant you meet for the consultation. Why take the risk of going abroad?

Surgical Holidays – Not Always Fun In The Sun

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