Changing Face – Modern RHINOPLASTY

Date: 08/09/2013

Mr Henry Sharp FRCS FRCS (ORL-HNS) is a Consultant Otorhinolaryngologist, or Nasal Plastic Surgeon for Spencer Private Hospitals. He has kindly given us an insight into modern rhinoplasty and the methods used to provide visual representations prior to surgery.

Modern rhinoplasty does not aim to produce an ‘operated’ looking nose where it is immediately obvious that cosmetic surgery has been performed. The aim is not to reproduce a nose ‘to order’ from a magazine or photograph.

The ideal is to alter the balance of an individual’s face so that the nose looks more in keeping with the rest of their body. Indeed, cosmetic rhinoplasty may bring into prominence other more attractive parts of their face, once attention is not automatically drawn to an unattractive nose.

As a result, considerable benefits in self-confidence and esteem can result from successful rhinoplasty.

Everyone’s needs and wishes are different, but in all cases realistic expectations on the patient’s part will allow an informed decision to be made. Typically a patient is seen twice prior to surgery which allows for a period of ‘cooling off’ and reflection before the decision to undertake rhinoplasty is confirmed. At no time will any pressure be placed on a patient to undergo the operation.

Prior to surgery great care is taken to talk to the patient about what can and can’t be achieved.

At the initial rhinoplasty consultation, held at Spencer Private Hospitals in Margate or Ashford, we discuss which parts of your nose you wish to change and what a rhinoplasty is able to improve and also what is not possible.

Digital photographs are taken to allow a record to be kept of how the nose looks before surgery, and to allow for planning the procedure.

At the second visit, again at Spencer Private Hospitals, we can confirm the surgical plan and can usually demonstrate the proposed surgical changes, via digital manipulations of the photographs, to help show you what the nose may look like after the operation.

Image manipulation is only performed by about a dozen surgeons across the country; Henry Sharp is very much leading the way.

Spencer Private Hospitals provide an individual, bespoke and excellent service to those patients seeking rhinoplasty and are excited by the advancements of modern rhinoplasty.

Changing Face – Modern RHINOPLASTY

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