3D Lipo vs Cosmetic Surgery

Date: 30/08/2016

3D Lipo and cosmetic surgery may have the same aim in mind, but the way practitioners of the two procedures go about achieving it is very different. That aim is giving you a healthier body, and a healthier, more confident mind. One question we’re always asked is: “Which is better?”

It’s a seemingly simple question, and one you might well want answered quickly, but as with all things medical it is always best not to rush in, but to commit to some research about the procedures, to better benefit your own specific situation. So with that in mind, we’ve detailed some key points that we hope you will find useful.

When we talk about the differences between 3D Lipo and regular liposuction, the most important (and beneficial) talking point should immediately sound appealing: It does not involve incisions, anaesthetics, or the physical removal of fat cells. In other words, you’re not getting opened up – the procedure is completely non-invasive.

This has multiple benefits, the foremost being both safety for the patient, followed by overall comfort.

How is this done? The phrase ‘3D Lipo’ doesn’t really give anything away, so it’s understandable if you’re unsure about what the procedure actually involves! It’s quite simple.

3D lipo utilises a device that emits low frequencies via ultrasound technology. This low frequency takes the form of consistently-paced ‘waves’ that break down and dissolve fatty cells within the body, like waves against a rocky shore (only much quicker – you won’t be waiting millions of years to feel great about your body).

Patients who have undergone the procedure have described it as quite relaxing and therapeutic, which are things you’ll rarely hear about when asking a patient who has gone under the knife.

As you may have guessed, the non-invasiveness and ease in performance for the nurses results in a lower price tag. The great thing about Medical Science is that breakthroughs are incredibly revolutionary when they come about, and 3D Lipo is one such breakthrough – the lower price for both nursing staff and patient being one of the key factors in its surging popularity.

Spencer Private Hospitals are excited to bring this affordable and pain-free technological advance to our patients and invite you to speak to our Outpatient staff today about what 3D Lipo could do for your self-image and health. Each treatment schedule combines ultrasound for fat reduction, radio frequency for skin tightening and vacuum rollering to reduce cellulite and improve overall skin tone.

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3D Lipo vs Cosmetic Surgery

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