New technology pacemaker implanted at Spencer Private Hospitals

Date: 04/01/2017

A new technology pacemaker has been implanted at Spencer Private Hospitals in Margate which is the first of its kind in Kent. The minor operation was performed by heart consultant Dr James Rosengarten. Explaining the procedure, he said, 

"A pacemaker is a small implantable device that helps to regulate the rhythm of the heart and improve its pumping function. These devices can be affected by magnets, and up until recently having this type of pacemaker would prevent future use of MRI, a common type of scan that uses magnets.

This new St Jude Medical pacemaker has been developed to be overcome these limitations and has only been available since November. I use a lot of devices when assessing and treating patients with heart rhythm disorders. I'm delighted to have used the first one in the whole of Kent. Working with Spencer Private Hospitals gives me the freedom to use the newest technology."

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New technology pacemaker implanted at Spencer Private Hospitals

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