Staff Development at Spencer Private Hospitals - Pro Max Lipo

Date: 22/08/2022

My name is Keelie and I am a Health Care Assistant at Spencer Private Hospitals. Recently I was given the opportunity to upskill and complete the Pro Max Lipo training and I am now really excited to start using the specialist equipment alongside my nursing colleague Mel Salustro. I am keen to start using the Pro max to help our patients with their requirements. Mel has been really supportive to me and given me the confidence and training to use the machine.

The Pro Max is a non-surgical liposuction and skin tightening machine for instant inch loss. The heat is used to breakdown the fat (even stubborn fat that is hard to loose) but we also advise clients that you have to work alongside the Pro max to get the full benefits that it does provide – this includes a healthy lifestyle of balanced diet and exercise.

The Pro max is not painful – part of my training was to have it used on myself in order to understand the feeling it has on individuals. The equipment can be used on the face, body and legs – it stimulates the muscles in your body to the contract, pushing fat towards the surface which then disperses through natural lymphatic drainage.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mel who has been an amazing tutor and helped me with all my knowledge and to acknowledge Spencer Private Hospitals for giving me the opportunity to advance my skills and training.

Keelie is now offering clinics in Canterbury on Fridays. Call 0330 019 4890 today for more information!

Staff Development at Spencer Private Hospitals - Pro Max Lipo

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