Plastic Surgery In Kent

Spencer Private Hospitals have been a cosmetic surgery provider in Kent for over a decade and have built up a reputation for excellent recovery rates and outstanding results.

If you are thinking of having plastic surgery then we would love you to consider coming to Spencer Private Hospitals in Kent and talking to our cosmetic surgery consultants. If you are unsure of which provider to use we urge you to consider our outstanding patient feedback, including the recent NHS supported PLACE Survey which show that Spencer Private Hospitals scored

  • 92.86% rating for patients’ privacy, dignity and wellbeing and also cleanliness (of wards, including bathrooms, furniture, fixtures and fittings)
  • 100% for condition, appearance and maintenance of sites and finally
  • 100% for patients’ food and hydration.


What Is Plastic Surgery?

If you are thinking about having a plastic surgery procedure, like for others plastic surgery is not a health issue, it is your choice to change your unwanted, normal appearance.

To all of our plastic surgery patients in Kent for cosmetic reasons our consultants always reinforce the very important message that surgery won't solve life's problems although we recognise that some people find that cosmetic surgery can benefit their health by improving their self-esteem.

The most popular plastic surgeries performed at our hospitals in Kent include breast augmentation (also known as breast enlargement or breast enhancement), eyelid surgery, facial rejuvenation, rhinoplasty (more commonly known as a nose job), liposuction (removal of unwanted fat by surgical vacuum) and abdominoplasty (removing skin and fat from the abdomen, also known as a tummy tuck).


Our Plastic Surgery Consultant Team In Kent

As with any procedure or treatment, we take no chances with Plastic Surgery at our hospitals in Kent. Our consultants must meet stringent eligibility criteria and this is reviewed bi-annually.

Preventing complications or quickly dealing with any post-surgery complications is an utmost focus of our plastic surgeons who will ensure each patient receives the best follow-up care. This might include a wound inspection a week after the operation, and a check-up at six weeks.


Is Plastic Surgery Right For You?

Cosmetic Surgery is not risk free, and can carry the same risk as all surgery, and so it is important to make the right choices for you.

An excellent article outlining issues you should consider can be found here


Organising a Consultation

This will give you the opportunity to ask any questions you feel important and for our consultants to explain everything about the procedure, including recovery times and follow-up care.

To book an appointment please call 01843 234 372 or contact us by email today.

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