Why use a private allergy clinic?

It is estimated that one in four people will suffer with allergies at some point in their lives, and allergic reactions continue to be a growing problem with ever more severe side-effects. For such a common and yet potentially life-threatening condition, it is not surprising that there are a number of clinics dedicated to dealing with treatment and allergies to all kinds of substances, including drugs, pollen and dust. Allergies are notoriously difficult to diagnose, and the more specialist knowledge available the better a patient’s chances are of getting a fast and accurate diagnosis. There are countless treatment options for those suffering with allergies and talking to a professional in the field of allergy science can help to decide which of the treatments available would be best for an individual. The advantages of a private allergy clinic are outlined below.


Private allergy clinics specialise in dealing purely with allergies. The consultants will be knowledgeable about all types of allergy. They will have details of the latest treatment options, have a good understanding of allergies in adults and children of all ages and will have detailed information about living with allergies and improving quality of life at the same time. They will have access to rapid testing and will often be able to provide you with test results on site.


Due to the number of allergies that a clinic will encounter, the practitioner will have had a vast amount of experience with allergies. Using a private allergy clinic provides you with peace of mind that your practitioner will see patients with allergies on a daily basis, and their specialist knowledge will assist them in diagnosing and treating your allergies.

Personalised treatment plans

Treatment for an allergy is not always straightforward. Different treatments will work for different people, which is why a private allergy clinic will usually provide a personalised treatment plan to ensure that the patient’s specific needs are addressed. Sometimes, a few treatments will need to be tried before one can be established as successful at dealing with the allergy.

A holistic approach

Often, allergies can be caused by more than just a physical reaction to a substance. A private clinic will often look at the whole picture, taking into account changes in lifestyle or major life events.

Excellent service

The main benefit of visiting a private clinic is the excellent service provided by the facility as a whole. Private clinics are known for their dedication to the patient, their cleanliness, their facilities and their professional staff. The staff will have time to discuss your symptoms in detail before deciding the tests that would be most appropriate. 

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