Cardiac CT Scan (Heart CT)

Cardiac CT Scan (Heart CT)

Cardiac CT looks for calcium in the wall of the heart arteries.

It is not a test looking for arterial blockages but rather a way of diagnosing hardening of the arteries at an early stage.

Cardiac Welfare Consultation

This allows you to know whether you are average below or above average for you age and sex, as well as giving you a more detailed idea of your ten year heart attack risk.

Cardiac CT uses X-rays which are a form of radiation and as such has a very small risk of causing future diseases such as cancer.

The amount of radiation used is roughly half the average person’s exposure for a year from natural sources or a quarter of that experienced by long haul air crew.

Because of this, cardiac CT should only be used in those for whom it is likely to make an important difference. Those at very high risk who require immediate treatment, and those at very low risk of heart attack, are not exposed to cardiac CT.

Occasionally other findings are identified during a cardiac CT which may require further investigation. This investigation is not part of the CVS Cardiac Welfare service and should this occur you would need to see your GP or other medical doctor for ongoing investigation.

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