Barium Swallow and Barium Meal

Barium swallow is a substance called barium is swallowed to help highlight the upper digestive system.

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Guide Prices and What's Included

Patient Pathway Total
RA1008 - Barium Meal & Swallow £310.00
RA1008A - Barium Meal & Follow Through £336.00

What's Included?

The prices in the table above (the “Guide Prices”) show what most patients should expect to pay at each appointment and on admission to hospital.

The Guide Prices you pay might be different depending on:

  • Which Consultant or Specialist you choose
  • Your medical history
  • The type of anaesthetic your Consultant advises is best for you
  • The type of implant your Consultant advises is best for you

Your price quotation will be made clear to you before you proceed with any tests, consultations or treatment (see the “Your Quote” section below).

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