Premium Healthscreen Package

Premium Healthscreen Package

We offer full Health checks and assessments at our centres in Margate and Ashford, Kent. Regular checks are necessary to detect diseases with no obvious symptoms.

Below is what you would receive in our Premium Healthscreen Package which costs £546.  This can be tailored to an employer’s specific health and safety requirements while forming an integral part of the organisation’s occupational health programme.

  • Personalised medical report
  • Medical/lifestyle questionaire
  • Lifestyle consultation
  • Physical examination
  • Dr Led
  • Height and Weight
  • BMI
  • Body Fat
  • Waist to Height ratio
  • Blood pressure and pulse
  • Resting ECG
  • Lung function tests
  • Measurement of heart and lung efficiency
  • Urine Analysis
  • Blood sugar (Diabetes)
  • Oxygen Saturation Score
  • Coronary Heart Disease risk score
  • Lung age
  • Advice on exercise
  • Blood count
  • Blood Cholesterol
  • Blood liver
  • Blood Kidney
  • Blood gout
  • Vision and Hearing
  • Thyroid function
  • Breast cancer awareness
  • Breast examination
  • Testicular awareness
  • Testicular examination

Add Ons

  • Pelvic examination
  • Rubella screening
  • Ovarian blood test (over women 50)
  • Prostate blood test (men over 50)
  • Cervical screen
    (incl HPV if appropriate)

Health screening sessions can be easily arranged by calling 01843 234569. Appointments will be quickly confirmed in writing.

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