Why should your company offer employee health screening?

Benefits for the employer

Although the employer may be covering the cost of their employee health screening, there is no price you can put on good health. There are many benefits to the employer themselves which outweigh this initial outlay and makes good business sense. The most valuable asset to any company is its people and investing in their health is just as important as investment in any other part of the business. This is helpful for two main reasons: financial and cultural.

Health screening benefits the employer financially in the long run. Sick pay can be very expensive, and if an employee's health issue is picked up before it becomes debilitating and results in sick days, everyone wins. The employer does not have to spend time and money looking for replacement staff, or pay out for sick pay, and this helps the culture of the organisation resulting in less sick days taken all round.

In terms of culture, it is fundamentally important to care about the well-being of your staff. This is vital when attracting employees and as part of a benefits package shows that the employer values their employee’s health and welfare. This is important for staff morale and confidence in their employer. Any company which values the health of its staff is not only providing a safe and positive working environment but is also helping to ensure that any workplace health concerns are picked up before they become an issue. This clearly benefits the employer too, and it raises any health and safety concerns before they become an issue.

Benefits for the employee

For employees, first and foremost health screening provides peace of mind. An overall check of your fitness not only ensures that you do not have any issues you were unaware of but provides an opportunity to reflect on lifestyle choices and both work and non-work related health issues. Helping employees to learn more about their own health not only allows them to be made aware of any health issues they might not have known about, but it also provides reassurance that their employer is concerned about the health and well-being of their staff.

Employees can benefit from health screening in many ways. Basic tests can flag up all sorts of conditions the employee may not have been aware of, and risk factors to be mindful of in the future. Regular routine checks allow a picture of your health to be built up over time, and from one year to the next you can see any changes to your statistics that could indicate health issues. Health screening provides employees with a safe space to discuss any health concerns they may have or ask questions of a qualified medical professional. This valuable time can go a long way towards avoiding health issues in the future.

Employees will also be informed of age and gender related cancers and illnesses that they may need to be aware of and symptoms of these illnesses. Every health assessment will be customised to the individual and can focus on any specific questions or queries the employee may have.

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