Eyelid Cyst Removal

Eyelid cysts are fluid filled lumps that can form in your upper or lower eyelid due to blocked oil glands. They are more common in adults than children and are not contagious.

In most cases, eyelid cysts can be treated at home by placing a warm flannel on your closed eye for five minutes several times a day, for up to four weeks; although, to heal fully it may take a few months. It is suggested that if the cyst does not clear up after a month you should be referred to a specialist consultant for removal.

Removal is usually performed under local anaesthetic and takes roughly 20 minutes. The surgeon will numb the area in and around your eye, then turning your eyelid inside out they will cut or scrape the cyst away using tiny instruments. Finishing by washing the area with saline solution.

The removal is usually performed as a day case meaning you will be able to go home the same day, although you will be unable to drive. The procedure itself is very safe and complications occur infrequently.  

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