Facet Joint Injections

What is the facet joint?

Facet joints are small linking joints that connect the bones of the spine, also known as vertebrae.  They are responsible for controlling the twisting and sideways movements of the whole back and are located on each side of the spine.

How are they treated?

A facet joint injection may reduce your pain temporarily, however this is not a cure.  Steroids and a local anaesthetic are injected, which may reduce inflammation and pain.

Possible Side Effects

There can be possible side effects. For example:

• There may be some pain and bruising at the needle site.

• You may feel a little unsteady when you first stand.

• The injections may make your pain worse. This should resolve within one month.

• There is a small risk of infection at the site of the injections.

• You may experience some leg weakness or numbness, which should resolve over a few hours.

You must not drive for 24 hours following the procedure. So please arrange for someone to drive you home.  In addition, it is advised that you have someone stay at home with you until the following day.

There may be an immediate improvement, but this can be delayed for a few days. Sometimes there may actually be a slight increase in pain for 24 to 48 hours. Steroids work slowly, so even if the injections have worked well, nothing may seem to happen for several days.

Guide Prices and What's Included

Patient PathwayTotal
Hospital Fees£2,175.00
Consultant FeesTBC

What's Included?

The prices in the table above (the “Guide Prices”) show what most patients should expect to pay at each appointment and on admission to hospital.

The Guide Prices you pay might be different depending on:

  • Which Consultant or Specialist you choose
  • Your medical history
  • The type of anaesthetic your Consultant advises is best for you
  • The type of implant your Consultant advises is best for you

Your price quotation will be made clear to you before you proceed with any tests, consultations or treatment (see the “Your Quote” section below).

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