Shoulder Arthroscopy

What is a Shoulder Arthroscopy?

A Shoulder Arthroscopy is a keyhole surgical procedure that uses a tiny camera to examine inside the shoulder joint to determine the damage and repair it. This procedure can be used to treat damage caused by arthritis, trauma or other health conditions.

How long does a Shoulder Arthroscopy procedure take?

This procedure often takes less than an hour, however, this is dependent on how much work the surgeon needs to do.

What does Shoulder Arthroscopy involve?

The surgery is performed through small cuts in your skin. You may have this surgery sitting in a deckchair position or lying on your side.

It is possible for this surgery to become open surgery during the procedure, if a larger incision needs to be made in order to repair a larger muscle tear, the risks and consent will be discussed with you by the surgeon before the procedure.

Possible Side Effects and Aftercare

Following the surgery your arm may be kept in a sling to ensure that the shoulder joint can recover properly.

You will be given recommended exercises by your physiotherapist; it usually takes several weeks to make a full recovery. Most people get the full movement of their shoulder back afterwards, but this can take several months.

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