No-Needle, No-Scalpel Vasectomy

Spencer Private Hospitals are pleased to be working with Specialist Consultant Urological Surgeon Mr Georgios Papadopoulos to offer the 'No-Needle, No-Scalpel' Vasectomy, which combines two techniques to provide a quick and virtually painless alternative to the traditional vasectomy.

Benefits of No-Scalpel, No-Needle Vasectomy

Benefits of the no-needle, no scalpel vasectomy include quicker healing and less intra-operative discomfort compared to the more conventional approach. It is clearly preferable to do a vasectomy through a tiny central opening versus making larger cuts requiring sutures and a more complex recovery. The addition of fascial interposition ,open ended technique and no stitches used for closure of the skin are also benefits for men undergoing vasectomy.

What is no-needle anaesthesia?

The no-needle anaesthesia is accomplished by using an air pressure device, eliminating the need for a needle entering the scrotum. This method is quicker, and more comfortable for patients.

What is the no-scalpel technique?

In a No-Scalpel vasectomy, the doctor makes a tiny puncture with a specialist instrument and then gently stretches the scrotal sac, creating a small opening so the tubes can be reached. Through this small opening the tubes are temporarily lifted out and then blocked using heat cauterization.

There is no knife, no cutting incision, and no stitches. Men who have undergone NSV express amazement at the minimal physical discomfort they experienced both during the procedure and during recovery.

No scalpel vasectomy is a simple and elegant procedure that many studies show has significant advantages over traditional vasectomy and is comparatively faster, has a swifter recovery time, safer (one-eighth the rate of bleeding and infection) and can be virtually pain-free.

What is the Fascial Interposition, Open ended Vasectomy ?

In this step the vas tubes are cut and the testicular end is left opened and unsealed, with both ends of the tubes separated by layers of tissue ( fascial Interposition) within the scrotal sac by fine suturing or metal clips. Mr Papadopoulos preference is to use dissolving suture, so as not to leave any foreign material in the body .

During an open ended vasectomy the small volume of sperm will be contained at the end of the open vas deferens and will be recycled by the body. This results in less acute pain after vasectomy and less disruption of the normal function of the epididymis.

Our facilities offer the best in cleanliness, privacy and amenities. At Spencer Private Hospitals, your care is our priority and we aim to deliver a professional and caring environment to make you feel at home during your stay. Read more about our no needle/no scalpel vasectomy clinic.


The procedure is usually completed in around 30 minutes.

It’s a very safe procedure, and the risk of complications is very low, affecting approximately 1 percent of patients. There is a small risk of bleeding under the skin, minor infection or chronic discomfort. The discomfort generally gets better with time and conservative measures. The risk of pregnancy after vasectomy is about 1 in 2,000, as a man never stops making sperm and it’s possible for sperm to make their way across the vasectomy site. But that is the lowest risk of failure of all forms of birth control.

Most men will experience a bruised or achy feeling for a few days, so it's recommended to wear tight underwear for 7 days and take an anti-inflammatory painkiller as required to help ease discomfort. Most men take a couple of days off work to rest, or longer if their job is physical. Heavy lifting and contact sports should be avoided for a couple of weeks.

Patients will have a sperm test after 16 weeks and will be notified of the results. Until confirmation of a clear test result you must use effective contraception. Most men have no sperm in their semen at 16 weeks but the time taken does vary and another test will be booked if necessary.

Yes. A vasectomy simply stops sperm entering your ejaculate and acts as a male contraceptive. A patients’ ejaculate will appear just the same as normal.

Regarding Sexual performance, vasectomy has no negative effects - erection and male hormone levels remain the same.

Vasectomy reversal is possible but success is not guaranteed and depends largely on how long ago it was done. The decision to opt for a vasectomy remains a highly personal one in which the potential risks and benefits must be considered, including the possibility that you may change your mind, so it is much better to consider it as a permanent procedure.

Sperm do not suddenly build up in the testicle, so the development of an inflammatory cascade, blow out and scarring of the fine epididymal tubules is avoided.

Sperm flow is directed and absorbed under the skin rather than left to clog up the tubules.

An open ended vasectomised patient is unlikely to be aware that they have had a vasectomy unlike the closed ended vasectomy patients that often experience some form of aching and tenderness.

The nature of this technique prevents the build-up of sperm and the associated congestion (post vasectomy pain syndrome), a lower rate of postoperative pain, and a better potential for vasectomy reversal in the future


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