Spread the costs of your procedure

Date: 10/05/2017

If you’re suffering with a long term painful condition such as a damaged hip or knee, it’s important to remember that replacement surgeries are available, and what’s more they are long term solutions. On average, a replacement knee will last for approximately 15-20 years, and a hip replacement 10 years plus.

The good news is that you don’t have to wait and suffer on a long waiting list. With an average 2-8 week recovery time for hip surgery, and 12 weeks on average for knee surgery, it’s important to be able to get on with having your surgery as soon as possible to minimise the disruption to your life caused by waiting lists.

Self-pay gives you the option of being able to have your surgery quicker, enabling you to get back on with day-to-day life in a normal, pain-free way. The average waiting time from consultation to hip or knee surgery privately is 2-3 weeks and helps to relieve the pressure off the NHS.

We are unique amongst other private providers as we buy a wide range of services from the NHS and all profits are re-invested into East Kent University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, thus increasing local NHS revenue.

Spencer Private Hospitals work with Zebra Health Finance to offer patients the ability to self-pay for a wide range of treatments. For further information contact us on the number above or click for Spencer Private Hospitals Self-Pay Options

Spread the costs of your procedure

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