Hip Replacement Surgery

A common surgical procedure, hip replacements are often performed as a result of either rheumatoid arthritis or wear-and-tear caused predominantly by age. The surgery consists of the removal of the existing ball-and-socket hip joint and replacing it with an artificial one. A hip replacement can also be necessary in the event of a fractured hip, as the joint is fragile and once damaged it can be difficult for the joint to heal.

Spencer Private Hospitals have Kent’s finest specialists on hand to assist patients through each step of hip replacement procedures, and our physiotherapists are on hand to provide the care you need to get back on your feet and enjoying life as usual.

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What is Hip Replacement Surgery?

What are the benefits of Hip Replacement Surgery?

What is the recovery Time for Hip Replacement Surgery?

How painful is Hip Surgery?

Long Term Effects and Care

What is Hip Replacement Surgery?

Hip replacement surgery is a procedure that involves the total removal of a patient’s hip, often because the original hip is damaged beyond other treatment methods, or if an orthopaedic condition has made the hip too painful to endure and is interfering with the day-to-day lifestyle.

A patient’s hip is replacement with an artificial prosthesis, designed to simulate a healthy hip as closely as possible, aiming to help the patient return to a healthy, happy lifestyle free from hip joint pain.

What are the benefits of Hip Replacement Surgery?

The surgery can reduce pain and swelling in the hip, which in turn improves mobility and hip function. As the conditions that necessitate a total hip replacement are very painful and debilitating, the surgery can vastly improve a person’s quality of life, especially when followed up with a proper physiotherapy and post-surgery check-up regime.

What is the recovery time for Hip Replacement Surgery?

Recovery time is of course different for each patient, which means it's difficult to make a general judgement about recovery timeframes. Depending on circumstances, most patients should be able to walk freely and participate in normal daily activities again anywhere between six to twelve weeks, although extra care should be taken during this period. Full and complete recovery can take up to six months.

A total hip replacement is a procedure that must be given due time and respect to recovery. During this process, it is absolutely vital that patients give themselves time to fully recover and let their body heal, as well as actively taking part in the physiotherapy sessions that Spencer will arrange. While the recovery time can be long, rushing or over-exerting can slow the healing process.

During recovery time, most patients will require use of a walking aid, but again this is dependent on your own situation. You will be able to consult with your specialist during this time for encouragement, help and advice.

How painful is Hip Surgery?

During the surgery itself, you will be under anaesthesia and will not experience any pain.

Due to the severity of the surgery however, you will likely experience some broad, dull or severe aches immediately post-surgery, and for some time afterwards, although patients will have their pain relieved by post-surgery treatments and medication. Our specialists will provide medication that meets your pain levels, and this will be part of an ongoing discussion with you upon discharging from one of our hospitals to ensure you are feeling great and able to return to your usual lifestyle.

Long term effects and care

Long term, it will be important to keep up exercises as prescribed by your physiotherapy regime, as this will help mitigate feelings of stiffness and aches. All of this will be uniquely tailored to your situation by our specialists.


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