Direct Admissions Services now available at Margate

Date: 04/11/2014

The Direct Admissions service at Spencer Private Hospitals now provides GPs with fast access to urgent inpatient care for individuals with private insurance or the desire to self fund their treatment.



Spencer Private Hospitals can accept referrals for most conditions including:

• Non-acute Cardiac conditions, such as left ventricle failure
• Abdominal conditions, including constipation and jaundice
• Respiratory conditions, like COPD, pulmonary embolism and pneumonia
• Recovery and rehabilitation from acute illness
• Other general medical problems, eg; VTE, poorly controlled diabetes, loss of mobility, falls, PUO, pyelonephritis, unexplained malaise

However, some patients are not suitable for treatment at Spencer Private Hospitals.
Patients should be referred to the NHS if they have any of the following conditions:

• Acute stroke
• Acute GI bleed
• Acute cardiac chest pain
• Acute Psychiatric conditions

For further information please call 01843 234558 or e-mail us on

Direct Admissions Services now available at Margate

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