Chemical Skin Peels - Agera

Chemical Skin Peels - Agera

Agera Skin Peels 

Agera Skin Peels are used alongside microdensitometer for the following conditions;

  • Acne.
  • Congested Skin Conditions.
  • For scarred, pitted, thickened dull skin.
  • Pigmentation.
  • Sun damaged skins.
  • Fine lines & wrinkles.

Advantages of Agera skin peels 

10 year's research and dermatologically tested, the peels are multi-layered allowing more flexibility for treating different skin types, deeply penetrating, which work in combination with microdermabrasion. No home skin care preparation is required. Gentle peeling, proliferating & sterilising action which leads to no excessive skin shedding. This is suitable for all ages and skin types with no animal extracts & free from high levels of perfumes.  This has the potential for causing irritation or allergies, which can be treated all year round.


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