What happens at a gastroenterology appointment?

What happens at a gastroenterology appointment?

  • The majority of people are referred by their GP for a clinic appointment to meet a consultant for a decision on investigation and treatment.
  • In certain circumstances your GP is aware that certain test results will be needed before your Outpatient Appointment and will arrange these for you.
  • Some people are referred directly for Endoscopy/Gastroscopy of the upper gut or an examination of the lower gut. This could be a test looking at the rectum and sigmoid called a Flexible Sigmoidoscopy or an examination that looks at the large colon round to the caecum, referred to as a Colonoscopy.
  • A gastroscopy usually takes less than 20 minutes, although it can take longer depending on personal factors and if it's being used to treat a condition.
  • It will usually be carried out as an outpatient procedure, which means you won't have to spend the night in the hospital. 
  • The endoscope used has a light and a camera at one end. The camera sends images from inside of your stomach and duodenum to a screen that the consultant can monitor from. The Consultant will discuss this with you at your appointment.

Other Examinations

Other types of examination are used by X-Ray to investigate the digestive tract, depending on the symptoms experienced.

During your consultation you may be asked to take your clothes off and lie on a comfortable trolley so that the consultant can feel your stomach or perform a rectal examination.

This consultation service is supported by a specialist endoscopy suite where the majority of investigations and treatments take place. Our specialist gastroenterology consultants work closely with associated specialists.

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