Lumbar Laminectomy

What is a Lumbar Laminectomy?

A laminectomy is a surgery that is used to create space by removing the lamina, which is the back part of the Vertebra that covers your spinal canal. This can also be known as decompression surgery. The surgery enlarges your spinal canal to relieve pressure on the spinal cords or nerves, this can be from born overgrowths or due to arthritis.

This treatment is normally used when more-conservative treatments such as medication, physical therapy or injections have failed.

Possible Side Effects and Aftercare

You will usually be well enough to leave hospital one to four days after surgery depending on the complexity of the surgery and your level of mobility before the operation. Most patients can walk unassisted within a day of the operation, although strenuous activities will need to be avoided for around six weeks.

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