Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery (MISS)

What is minimal invasion Surgery?

Minimal invasive surgery is generally used to stabilise the vertebral bones and spinal joints and/or relieve pressure being applied to the spinal nerves. This style of surgery is opposed to the more traditional open spine surgery as MISS approaches can be faster, safer and require less recovery

The potential benefits of this surgery are:

  • Better cosmetic results from smaller skin incisions (sometimes as small as 2 centimetres)
  • Less blood loss from surgery
  • Reduced risk of muscle damage since less or no cutting of the muscle is required
  • Reduced risk of infection and postoperative pain
  • Faster recovery from surgery and less rehabilitation required
  • Diminished reliance on pain medications after surgery

Possible Side Effects and Aftercare

This type of surgery is performed as outpatient procedures and utilise only local aesthesia therefore the risks are reduced by not using general aesthetic. The side effects and aftercare are also very dependent on the procedure you have. Your surgeon will discuss this with you in a consultation before the procedure.

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